How assessments can boost your client experience


Jim Humrichouse, Eric Ly, and Hans Bukow, experts in the staffing industry, discuss the crucial elements of a successful staffing program. They emphasize the need for a process that is both efficient and attractive to candidates.

According to Jim Humrichouse, the more steps in the staffing process, the less likely a candidate is to participate. On the other hand, an efficient process, such as a single test followed by a 30-minute interview, can be very appealing to a candidate. He highlights the importance of considering the candidate's perspective in the design of the staffing program.

Hans Bukow adds that clients are driven by acquiring talent and are therefore concerned with the candidate's experience in the process. A fair and solid process that makes the candidate happy is essential, as candidates have choices and may go to another firm if they are not satisfied with the experience.

Eric Ly highlights the importance of minimizing the drop-off rate, which is the rate at which candidates abandon the process. An efficient process that is fast and convenient for the candidate will make the staffing firm more efficient and productive, especially after spending resources to attract the candidate in the first place.

Jim Humrichouse cautions against the illusion of control in staffing programs. While the design of the program can include various elements, such as headline rates, testing, and multi-channel screening, the ultimate success of the program depends on how attractive the market finds it. He advises clients to consider expert advice on design principles but ultimately, the customer has the final say.

In conclusion, a successful staffing program must be both efficient and attractive to candidates. By considering the candidate's experience, minimizing the drop-off rate, and designing a program that is both efficient and attractive, staffing firms can build trust and relationships with their clients. Trust, as Jim Humrichouse states, is the most important factor in the staffing industry and is built over multiple transactions and years of providing good service.


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