SuperCharge your agency with AI


The Panel  discusses the use of AI in agencies and how it can be leveraged to improve recruitment and sales processes. The panel highlights the importance of maintaining humanity and authenticity while using AI tools.

Key Insights


AI can be a powerful tool to improve recruitment and sales processes in agencies, but it is important to remember that it is built by people and can have inherent biases. It is crucial to design prompts and analyze the language used to avoid introducing bias and mischaracterizations.

AI can help agencies maintain authenticity and humanity by allowing employees to add their own voice and theme to AI-generated messages. It can also be used to automate tasks and provide support to employees, making their work more efficient and allowing them to focus on activities that require human interaction.

The application of AI in agencies is most impactful in areas like pre-submission, where it can assist with tasks like generating interview questions, formatting CVs, and routing leads. AI can also be leveraged in various stages of the recruitment and sales funnel, including prospecting and post-placement.

The use of AI tools should be combined with human oversight and input to ensure personalization and maintain a human connection. AI can help generate initial responses, but it is essential to review and add authenticity to the messages to avoid sounding robotic or impersonal.

When considering AI vendors, agencies should ask questions about data protection, where the information is stored, and the guidelines followed by the AI tool. Comparing different vendors and requesting demos can help make informed decisions and choose the right tool for the agency's needs.


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