The Power of Content Marketing in Recruitment


In this insightful session of Adam Posner, he and his guests, Marcus Sawyerr, Scott MacGregor, Ginnette Harvey, and Joel Lalgee delve into the world of content creation and share their tips for driving engagement and building a strong online presence.

Marcus Sawyerr emphasizes the importance of authentic conversations as a driving force behind engagement. He believes that it's crucial to focus on topics that you know your audience is interested in, and to build your audience from there.

Adam Posner then discusses the content pyramid, which is a critical aspect of their content creation strategy. He explains how they turn their show into a podcast, individual pieces of content, and even key phrases into tweets. He also highlights the importance of experimenting with different channels and mentions how he has doubled down on LinkedIn and hired his daughter to be his TikTok creator in chief.

Scott MacGregor, on the other hand, takes a different approach and focuses on unscalable methods, such as personal emails and calls to candidates, instead of mass email marketing. He believes that doing things in an offbeat manner works best for him.

Ginnette Harvey shares her experience of trying to do it all, which resulted in burnout. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on what works best for you and avoiding spreading yourself too thin.

Joel Lalgee thinks creating content always you to scale you 1:1 interaction to a broader audience. He really focuses on connecting with people, entertaining them and providing some valuable insights.

In conclusion, the episode offers valuable insights into the world of content creation. Whether it's experimenting with different channels, focusing on authentic conversations, or taking an offbeat approach, the guests stress the importance of finding what works best for you and sticking to it. They also offer advice on what not to do, such as link sharing without adding value or relying too heavily on AI tools.

In short, the episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their content strategy and build a strong online presence.


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