Time to say it out loud: Bold predictions for what lies ahead in Staffing in 2024/2025


The panel discusses bold predictions for the staffing industry in 2024 and 2025, including talent scarcity, remote work, and the impact of AI. They also highlight the importance of skills-based hiring and employee advocacy on social media.

Key Insights


The panel agrees that talent scarcity is a significant challenge in the staffing industry, with demographics and changing skill requirements exacerbating the problem. Companies need to be proactive in their hiring strategies and consider flexible work options to attract and retain talent.

Responsible AI implementation is crucial to avoid discrimination and biased decision-making in the hiring process. While AI can assist in sourcing and vetting candidates, human involvement is necessary to ensure fair and ethical practices.

The panel predicts an increase in turnover as the economy stabilizes, with high performers seeking new opportunities. Companies should focus on skills-based hiring and be open to candidates with transferable skills to address changing job requirements.

Open-minded hiring, which removes identifying information from CVs, can help combat bias and increase diversity in the workforce. By focusing on skills and experiences, companies can broaden their talent pool and make more inclusive hiring decisions.

Employee advocacy on social media can be a powerful tool for attracting talent, but it requires a strong employee engagement and connection to the employer. Companies need to create a positive work environment and reward employees for their advocacy efforts.

Face-to-face interactions and unique questions in the interview process can provide valuable insights into candidates' soft skills and communication abilities. This human touch is essential to assess cultural fit and ensure successful hiring decisions.

Skills-based hiring is becoming increasingly important as job requirements evolve rapidly. Companies need to focus on continuous learning and provide opportunities for skill development to adapt to changing market demands.


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