Top 10 ways to sell virtually


Jeannine Parise: I'm Janine Parise, founder, CEO of club VMSA. And I'm going to be talking about the top 10 ways to sell virtually. I will give you all of this content high comment. I will give you all of this content a little bit into the session. So feel free to take notes, but I will give you pretty much everything I'm saying.

You're welcome. As they say in Mubana. So first of all, I'd love it. If I could see you chatting, I'm not a 100% sure, but if I can see you chatting, I Tony and Vinay, welcome in the chat. Write down how many of these 10 things you think you know? Obviously, you don't know what I'm talking about yet, cause I haven't started, but I'm curious to feel you out for how confident you are in your sales abilities, especially during COVID.

So if you can just type in a number, I don't know if I can see it. I see who's entering the room, but I don't see anyone chatting yet. Please do that and I'll get started. Okay. So. If you stay until at least the mid point, you'll get a special gift. Multiple gifts, Actually. I will pause for questions up.

Thank you, Tony. Thank you. Okay, so Tony, good job. You think five? So tell when he feels he's like, you know,a C player. I'm sorry to say Tony for that. Okay. It's good to be humble. Stacy. Six, good comments. Six. He and Keith can name that tune in six. All right. I think that's fair. Very neutral. You don't want to appear over-confident Mary.

Nice. Very good. All right. I like what I'm hearing. I think you guys are open and you're ready for this and I'm going to give it to you. All right. Here we go. So I will share all of this. I'll say that again. So you can take notes. Of course. You don't have to go crazy about it. I'm going to start with the story of a girl who was a master at sales, specifically in person sales.

She would walk the holes. She would be in the lobby during conferences. She would be connecting and talking and introducing people to each other. She was like the dot com bomb when it came to sales. And then. Boom. Right. There was a bug above infiltrated, this girl's world. This girl by the way is me. And so, okay.

How was I going to leverage everything that I did so well in person now that we're two dimensional, I'm sitting here, you can see in a bedroom among zone. I'm not having a cocktail. I'm not hitting you on the shoulder, say, oh, that was a good one. I'm not doing any of that. And the reality. We've been doing this now for a year.

Some people even longer than virtual been working from home, I've been working from home my whole career. This is a very good way to connect, communicate, and sell. Okay. I'm not going to sit here and tell you, don't worry in person. We'll be back. Everything will go back to normal. Get used to this and embrace it.

And the sooner you do not resist it, the better you'll be. And let's just jump into it. The first of the list of 10 that I'm going to share with you is when you're in a one-on-one meeting with somebody, okay. A prospect, a partner, someone you want to do business with a recruiter, anybody really think about.

The kiss method. Right? Keep it simple, stupid. I want you to get to the point right away. And a good rule of thumb is for every year, you know, the person that's how many minutes you should be doing small talk pleasantries. Right? So if you know someone for 5 years, you can give yourself 5 minutes of small talk.

Okay. If you've known someone 10 years, 10 minutes, Now if the person continues talking and they want to continue talking about their kids, their family, the weather, you can continue talking, but I encourage you to get on point and get to the purpose of the call. So now if you're talking to someone for the very first time and you don't know them, you've never met them in person.

You say hello and you get right. The purpose of my call is this. And by the way, you should have written the purpose of the call in the calendar invite with the names R E colon regarding the purpose of the call. So you want to restate that? Okay. That's the first thing I'm going to share with you. And also you want to smile.

Okay. You always want to smile. When you're listening, you want to smile. Did you notice in a lot of the speaker sessions and I, I'm not going to throw my colleagues under the bus, but how many of them were smiling when they were talking and how many of them were smiling when they were listening. That brings me to the next point of my, in my 10 list.

Anchorman. You remember that movie Anchorman right? With Will Ferrell. We need more cowbell. Okay. You gotta look that up. Saturday night live more cowbell was hilarious. So when, when you're on your zoom, when you're on your teams, when you're doing Hangouts, whatever tool you use, okay. I want you to think and embody.

An anchor person on television. And I want you as your homework. Yes. I'm giving you homework by four kids and I teach them all at home and you can probably hear them running around. So I'm good at giving homework. I want you to watch the news, any channel will do and watch because you know, they're all on zoom too, pretty much.

And watch how they sit in the frame when they're listening to someone they are interviewing. I don't even know if they're breathing. I don't even think I was breathing. So you want to really observe that and take it in, really watch that, you know, by the way, you'll never watch the news the same again. I want you to look at the green dot when you're talking.

How many people in this conference, how many speakers were looking at you and you, by the way, are the green dot, I am looking directly at you. Now I can see you. I know what you're thinking. You're smiling. I bet. Right? I can see you. I can't see you by the way. I can not see you now. You're laughing. Right? I'm looking at you and I'm connecting with you.

Me and you. We're going to connect. I'm not looking here, here. Or God forbid here. How many times have you been on a call where someone's got dual monitors and duels whatevers, and they're looking this way. Okay. I've had to actually tell a really good friend slash client of mine. At the end of the call. I said, I I'd like to tell you something, this whole call you were, I looked at you like this.

And she was like, thank you so much. You, no one has told me that I've had like 10 calls today. So we'll get the green dot and connect with your audience. Now I want to just tell you about myself. So I have notes so that I stay on track and I'm always adding value because adding value and takeaways are key to success in zoom and any conference in any talk.

In my opinion, my notes are directly behind the green dot. I've got a big BA BA BA. They gave a monitor, an apple monitor that I loved desperately. This thing fell. I thought it broke. I just put it back together. So the best product ever. Okay. Anyway, my notes are right behind it. Almost like a teleprompter.

So when I glance at my notes, you can see me right now. You know, I'm not looking at you and that's, that's not ideal, but. We got to do something. Some of us need notes. All right. That's very important. I know you think that might be minor, but look at the green dot. All right. Keep, keep writing in some of your, if you think, how many of these, you know, one out of 10, how many do you think, you know, and then at the end, I'll ask you how many of these 10 you did.

And I'd love for you to be honest. Now, of course, in each one of these, I'm giving you five to 10 specifics. So it's almost like 50 to a 100% takeaways, but nonetheless, we'll, we'll keep it honest. We'll keep it real. All right. Get your lighting and positioning. Right? How many of you noticed in today's conference that people were like this? Raise your hand. Yeah. You stay sick. Yeah. You may. I can't see you remember. So I want you to, and I'm looking at myself to make sure I'm teaching you correctly. I want you to fill the frame and I want the camera to be eye level. You see, I'm filling the frame. I've got just a little bit on top of me and I'm, I'm really, I'm really in the frame.

I'm confidently in the frame. Okay. My lighting is pretty good. Okay. Now I could use an old ring right here because it's going to get dark I'm in Connecticut and it gets dark at like four 15 Eastern. So thanks, Joel. Good to see you. And so. That's going to be a problem. Hopefully we'll be in the dark, but you know, if you do these things 80% of the time, your good, I always want you to smile.

Cause when you're, you know this, you know this as recruiters or salespeople, smiling, you always got a smile. Here's another thing that's really important. I have hard lining, internet. I spent a small fortune hard lining my, the rooms in my house. Okay. And my house was already wired for cat five wiring.

Now your salespeople, you have the money you're making the money. Spend the money on good internet. How many times at this conference do people cut out and drop off now? I don't know if it's the technology of the conference, it's their own Wi-Fi. Who knows. Right. But get your variable, right. You can control your variable, get it right.

And spend the money. All right. Another good one. You know, this, you know, a lot of these, but you probably forget to do them, or you're not valuing how important they are. Three minutes is on time, three minutes early. That is right. We all know that. About, I would say one meeting a day. It's it's I probably have anywhere from five to 10 to 12 meetings a day.

I'd say one of them is on time. One, maybe one is a minute early. Okay. Cause they're usually my zooms, cause I'm usually the one pushing my zoom out and everyone else's. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. I don't care if you're the client and you're talking to your vendor, you've got to get in the habit of being early for your meetings.

There could be a technology issue. You could have one of your kids running in asking about something and you don't want to be online and telling them, Hey, get out of here. So, so be early another. Now you're going to be late. Everyone's going to be late at some point. Nobody wants to hear your excuses.

Okay, I'll give you a great example of this you're so. So we're so programmed to say, I'm sorry. I'm late. I was late because right. We're so programmed and, and swimming out there will say, sorry, we'll say, sorry, man. I'm so sorry. I'm late now. If you're 15 minutes late. Ted I've done this. I knew this about once every six months.

And if one of you out there and I was 10 or 15 minutes late without notice, and it's terrible. I'm so embarrassed. Even at that, I mean, I could literally cry when I'm that late without telling someone crazy. If you're going to be that late, you say, you're sorry. Dammit. And you figure out how to make amends is that is ridiculous.

That you're that late. Now, if you're just a couple minutes late, not good, but it happens because we're not perfect. we are human? You can say, thank you so much for your patience and flexibility. Let's jump right in small talk. Forget it. Just jump in. Okay. You can small talk at the end if they want to. And that's what you say.

You can write that down. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's jump right in and have that sense of urgency pay. That's going to just, that will help you build a little more credibility back. I just want to give you that, that, that that story. Okay. Stories are always good stories. All right. So here's a good example to drive home.

The no excuses. I attended a funeral a year or so ago. This our cousin, his mom passed away. My other cousin shows up late, which he typically does. He's one of those people, even though my friends, right. They show up late, not a care in the world. He shows up late in the funeral, like agregious early, late, not just a couple of minutes.

He's 30, 60 minutes late. And we're standing with the cousin who just lost his mom. It's his mom's funeral. His dad also passed. Right. This is a very somber, tragic moment. Cousin comes over and says, I'm so sorry. I'm late. My meeting ran over. Okay. What I was so mortified for my cousin to even say those words to this poor guy who just lost his mom.

Okay. This is excessive, but you narcissists out there. Take note. Okay. No one cares about you. We all have SHIT to do, and I don't want to curse, but we all have this to do. Everyone has time is important. All right, let's go a Number A. It's personal. It's personal, make it personal. They sharing. Thank you. Make it personal.

All right. Every call I'm on. I do some things to make it personal. I, you know, One day, my 5 said to me, mommy, and we lived in New York city at the time. She said, mommy, why do you talk to strangers all the time? And I said, well, why do you think? And she said, Because you're curious. And I was so proud for speaking.

I am curious genuinely, and I'm sure a lot of you are as well, like where in the staffing business, where are the sales business, where people, people, right. So, so cute. I'm just reminiscing on my, my little 5 year-old. So I'm, uh, I'm curious, I'm a problem solver and at times I'm an overshare. Who's an oversharer.

She is just a little too much. Okay. Ask me. So, so I'll be in most of my calls, every single one of my calls. I'll share something. Now, if it's somebody, I know, I either remember something personal about them that I can bring. Or I check my handy dandy CRM for how many kids they have. How old are they? Oh, how's little Johnny, you know, those kinds of things.

Oh, I just watched the Penn state game, you know, boy, your, your team, you know, all that kind of stuff. I don't know why I had to talk in this motion, but you get my drift there, a little unconscious bias going on there. So you want to share something personal? What I'll do if I don't know someone well, is I will.

Drop things throughout the conversation, kind of like I'm doing right now. I brought up my kids, you know, I've got four kids it's in my bio. You know, I have a 5-year-old that asks a lot of questions. You know, I was in New York, see a lot of things, you know about me. And so I'll I'll do that on the call with my clients.

I'll say, man, this snow is just ridiculous. How was it in Florida? But I'll know that they're in Florida because I look at my trusty tool, LinkedIn. Right. Which is like the best thing on the world. Another thing that I'll try to do is be self-deprecating. So for example, I'm always turning my video on my video is always on no matter what I look like, no matter how I feel.

Okay. Even if I'm in the par, I'll have my video one, I tried once not to have it on. And they were like, Hey, do you need, it was going on? I don't see you. That was, of course I had to have not fine. I will typically not look like this. Not that I look so great, but I'll have no makeup on and people on the call can attest to it.

Feel free to type some things in about it, but I will just be who I am and. When I get on the zoom, if the person I'm meeting with who maybe I don't know that well, they keep their video off. This happens about 30, 40% of my, my meetings. I'll depending on the gender, I'll do a, I can go into this for quite a while.

So I don't want to dive too deep into this, but I will say, you know, I'll say something like, Hey, why don't you turn your video on? I'd love to see you. You know, look at me. This is a safe place. I mean, look, look at me. It's all kind of like make fun of myself and they'll turn their video on half the time.

If it's a man, they turn the video on now. I think it's because I'm a woman. If I were a man doing it, I'm not sure what would happen, but gender roles play a play a role here too, by me. Use the word twice. If it's a woman. Most times they'll say no. So I'm kind of learning not to ask that until maybe the middle or the end of the call when I built up some credibility and then I will so keep that up mind.

That's that's actually, as I pat myself on a bath that, so she a really good thing to know. All right, I'm going to talk for another 13, 15 minutes. And hands up, reluctantly. That's so funny. That was Sherry cute. I'm going to talk for another 15 minutes to get through a couple more on my list. And then I'll share this with you and pause.

If you have questions, I am looking at the chat. I can't believe I'm able to multitask. It's a bit shocking, but doing my best. All right. Number seven, exploit LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and you guys know this. LinkedIn is. I mean, I can't even, it's just amazing. The key I can tell you to post. I can tell you to blog.

I could tell you to another little secret idea as I searched my connection. So either I'll search my competitors connections or I'll search my client's connections, right? So it's like, this is a person that I'm doing business with. I want to do business with other people. So I'll search their connections.

That's a really cool thing to do when your note this, and I learned this from a LinkedIn training. I did a little bit ago, do not put external links in any post. I don't know if you know this and I look to see who knows this, but if you put an external link in a post in the algorithm that LinkedIn has created and all their glorified mighty, they rank you lower.

So your post may not get out there. So what I've learned to do, and I'm in the events business, what I've learned to do is create an event in LinkedIn. And then direct people to that page and then put the registration there. It's an extra click, not ideal. And I'm not a huge fan when I'm doing that, but I'm just sort of hoping that the trainer was right and my stuff goes more to the top.

The only other thing I wanted, oh, there's two of the things I want to say, introduce people to each other on LinkedIn. Okay. To what Linkedin, especially if you're like unsure, if this person wants to talk to this person, you know, giving someone's personal email or not personally, no professional email is kind of, you know, private.

And so if you're like, I don't really know how to do it on LinkedIn. Okay. Because LinkedIn is kind of a safe place comment like, and share. Just keep commenting, liking, and sharing, especially with clients, with prospects. Gosh, there's so much you can do with LinkedIn. Number six, take a breath, take your water, take a water, take a water break.

Water break. Okay. The tip thing, Sherry. She did not know that. Okay. Engage in events. Now this is near and dear to my heart because I have been running an events company for the last oh gosh, 10 years now, club. VMSA. Don't worry. We'll get there. We'll get there. I'm a salesperson. We'll get there. Engage, participate, smile, and contribute.

All right, give takeaways, turn your video on it. There's nothing worse than when we have our events and people's videos are off. Now this event is different. Now you can be, you can be have your PJ's on, you can have your hair in a bun. You can even have no shirt on you, men out there because we can't see you except for you Sherry.

I can see you just kidding. My events are typically. Video is on there, zoom and a lot of people will shut their video off. So keep your video on, I think that really helps you. Another good tip that I've seen from people attending and sponsoring our events is they send 2 people. One person is engaging talking, you know, contributing a lot, really listening.

Okay. That's, that's a big one listening to engage and they're there. They're asking questions and they're contributing. The other person is like a lot of you texting. Hey, good see you. Hey, let's talk later. Hey, let me see. So, and they're also noting who's there and they're making notes on who's there and who we should be following up with.

So the two team approach now I'm not drinking my Kool-Aid on that one because my colleague, Jim Coughlin is doing a session at the same exact time about using your dashboard to increase profitability. All right. So we're not doing that. And that's totally, my fault has nothing to do with this event. We were just like, oh, I almost gave an excuse.

Anyway, well, number 5, get on the phone, get on the phone. We all know no deals are closed on email or LinkedIn, right? Obviously all those things, how way we've talked about the touch system and then the last sales session that we had with Tom. And I think Billy, but get on the phone, people, people will buy from you on zoom or whatever you're using.

When you're making your meetings. I like to make seven minute phone calls. Yeah. And I'll put, you know, 15 minutes in the calendar. So I have, it goes over every time. I'm not making 30 minutes. I'm not making one hour. If these, if these are sales calls. Okay. And, and get on the phone. If people are not taking your call that are your direct client.

Get on the phone with other people and ask them questions and ask them, who should you talk to about this? Okay. You know, you know how to do referrals. It's kind of like that, the more you're on the phone, the more you're going to move your business forward. When I have a day where I'm not on the phone, I'm feeling, I'm feeling like stilted.

Like I'm not growing. Okay. But we'll get into that a little bit. All right. Now I'm going to take a pause. It's getting on the phone to get more business still working. Yes, Emily. Yes, it is. You're not going to get business watching Facebook posting on Facebook. Okay. You're not going to get business doing email.

All of this is important, not the Facebook, but the emails, but when you're talking to people, you're listening, you're understanding, asking who they know. And also, and I'll get to this in number 2, you're doing favors for them. So let me keep on my process and we'll see if we can uncover some more things for you right now.

What I want to do is share with you a link. I'm going to share this link. Here it is. Okay. All right. I just shared with you a link that has everything you need to know, and even has the lead in here. I'm going to share my screen. The gifts I was talking about is also in there. I'm going to share my screen.

Okay. This is what I just sent you. This is what I sent you. So you can see my screen. I made this for you. Okay. I don't know about you. A PowerPoint presentations are way too time consuming. You kill me with PowerPoint. We want to make connections. So I created this website just for you. How many times I can say that?

Maybe 5. I don't know. The top 10 ways to sell virtually that's me. Okay. Yeah, that's me. All right. So what are they? I'm going to click and here they are. Here's everything I just was talking about. I got up to I got up to smile and laugh. So now I want to talk about this one flood schedule. Okay. Love love your personality.

Oh, that's so cute. Sophia. What if you don't have the phone of your potential client? Okay. If you don't have the phone first, what I like to do Sophia? I don't like to do cold calls. I really don't do that. What I'll do is I will warm it up with a LinkedIn connection request or an InMail, depending how well I might know them, or they might know me.

Depending on what I know, but I start with LinkedIn. Okay. And I see where that takes me when I do my connection request in LinkedIn. I. I made sure I put their name comma and I get ready to what I'm doing here. Okay. Get ready to doing. So LinkedIn is how I start then when they accept my connection, I write back right away.

Almost like a bot, right? Like I'm a bot. Thank you so much for connecting. Uh, and then I might share something with them. That's interesting. I might ask for the meeting. It depends. It just depends how quickly they connected. Hey, I want to send you something with your email, you know, and then I'll put them in the funnel.

And I know Tom talked about the funnel. I have a lot to say about the funnel you guys, but they did that this morning and I can add to that. But right now we're focused on this. I do, I will say this. I do have a sales training. It's called thriving in productive selling and it's 26 sessions. Listen, Sophia asked guys.

I know I can't help it. So we can talk about that later. Sophia, anyone else that's interested. Let me go into this, this cool blue background and I'm like the nicest blow. Alright. Flood schedule. What does that mean? It means book seven minute meetings. As many as you can. Now I was doing this every day.

And then what I realized is every day was having 10, 12, 15 meet meetings. You know, some are with clients, most are with prospects, some are with partners, some whatever, and I didn't have any time to do the work. Like I, I didn't have time to right now, I'm not giving excuses. I haven't given an excuse.

Anyway, my point is this for me, I am trying to have three days of calls and two days of work. And for you, it might be four days of calls. One day at work. It might be two days ago. I don't know, but I'm trying to really get my calls in a day. So I'm just like a machine. Let's do this and I got my energy.

I'm on. I'm on. And by the way, for you ladies, and maybe some of you men out there, and some of you nine by binary folk, if you wear makeup, then you do your hair. Then you've only got to do your hair for those three days. It's fricking genius. I just realized that, okay, here we go. I'm going to show you something, going to click on that.

Now you can do all this at home because you have this link. I made it for you. Here's what a flood schedule looks like. This is exactly from my calendar. Am I shouting? Okay. This is okay. You ready? I copy and paste this from my counter it's tomorrow's events guys. Here it is. This is behind the curtain.

This is what makes Genie Genie. This is what makes me successful. This is what stresses me out. This is real. This is real on the bottom. And. On the bottom. I included some gifts to you. They're they're great gifts because they give you something and they give me something. All right. One is $400 off my kids' coding class, which by the way is flipping amazing.

All right. This thing keeps them occupied for an hour and a half. And then he works with his sister for an hour and a half, three hours, three times a day. If they they've created this app and all the instructors are in India. I owned a company in India by the way that I started by myself. So I'm very familiar with in the Indian workforce.

And I'm a huge advocate of the Indian workforce. Okay. Again, I started a company in India by myself to do staffing in the U S because I understand. Okay. So. I know that sounds shocking. You think I had a cousin in India? No, I did it. So I know India. This is a great coding class. We both get money from this and they give you Amazon gift card, like boom, right in your Amazon account, click it.

Boom. This one, my husband made me included who works in Club VMSA as well. He's apparently putting all our kids' savings into Bitcoin. I don't know I feel about that, but if you're into Bitcoin or you want to try it out, this link, we'll give you 10 bucks. I think gives me 10 bucks or it gives him 10 bucks.

And then this one, and I'm not going to get into that one yet because that's kind of my. My little secret. Okay. All right. Here we go. Yes. Zoom info. Very good. You can use them in front the phone number, cause that's really what you were asking. I didn't really answer your question yet. All right. This is my schedule.

The purple is my kid's school. The red is my company Club. VMSA. The green is my family calendar, and you can see everything I'm doing. You can see the length of my events. You can look at this anytime, by the way, you can see that this event, for example, this Tim/team regarding brief ND football story and Club VMSA is a 15 minute meeting.

And this is a prospect. And I put the Re in there. I like to put the Re in there, like regarding that brief ND football story was what he said we should talk about in, in our exchange. So I put that in there to give them a chuckle. Right? Cause it's fun. We want to have fun while you're doing this stuff.

These are all my kids, dance classes that they're all free trials to see if I like them. They're way too expensive for zoom. And this is the coding classes that my two kids are taking, which is this whitehat. So it's pretty cool. All right. So I want to go back to the screen. I was just at, to finish off.

Presentation. The next is the assumptive meat. I don't know how many of you do this, but this works really well for me. How many of you were tired to go back and forth on scheduling meetings? Oh my God. Does this we'll try and work for you. How about this time at 3 o'clock 4 o'clock oh, I can do at 2:30.

Yeah, forget that. Forget it. Send them a calendar invite. Put what you want to talk about in the top. And then if you need to put more links tab, whatever you need, put it in there. Okay. If it's time, this is Liz, by the way, this, this is such a good thing. I do. I love this. And sometimes I forget to do it and I smack myself in that, especially your clients.

If you're due for a meeting to like catch up on. Like num Rhonda was talking about in the last session. And Rado was saying if you're hearing him run up, but you were saying how you wanted to know what categories you're on. This is how everyone does this. Dear client. Do you have a few minutes to talk about, or maybe do you have a half hour, remember seven minutes?

Do you have a half hour to talk about what categories might cause I'm really confused. I'm not sure I know what they are, but I'm not saying I'm right a bit that, but write them on email. How has five? How has three o'clock on Thursday, but we're worse. What times do you have available? Then the person comes back and says if they come back well, I've got this available that available disavaility matters.

You're like. Okay, great. And then you write back, how is 2:30 and then you forget to put the time zone, right? So you're saying how is 10:30? They were back Eastern Pacific. I mean, this can go, we can go on and on with this guys. Forget all that. Go in your calendar, create a calendar invite and send it to that person.

They'll say yes. They'll say no. Or they'll propose a new time. Right or they'll say tentative, and then you can start a conversation. You pull them up and say, Hey, I noticed you were tentative. What are you thinking? This thing is around. Who does this tell me, I really want to know is does this, because this is just so good.

All right. Here's another one, a good one. Do a favor, do a favor. And this is great on LinkedIn. How many of your clients or prospects are posting that either they're looking for a job. Or they are hiring for jobs. And by the way, when you click on this, this will take you to the greatest business movie of all time, who knows it, write it in the chat.

If you know what I'm talking about,

And gave me a freedom read though. I'm sure you guys you're listening. You're not holding tasking. I'm like my event here. I know we're getting wrong here. God. Fuck. Thank you, Matt McKay. Good to see you. Good to see you. Okay. So you have this link and you can watch this. And I don't think I'll watch it together, even though I would love to do that.

Do me a favor, right? So. The godfather says the godfather says some day and that day may never come. I may call upon you to do a service for me, but until that day, please accept this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day, right? The Godfather's keeping gifts on his daughter's wedding day. Now I want to share an example with you of where I failed it.

Okay. I want to share, share an example of where I failed at this. This is something I did not do well. One of my very prestigious VIP enterprise club members left a very prestigious, CPO type role at a fortune 100 company. And he was looking for work. And instead of doing what the godfather did, which. Do him a favor and no, some maybe someday it'll get returned instead of doing it that way, which is the correct way to do it.

What I did does that machine to tell you, but this just happened. I was so excited by how valuable this asset was that I told him I was going to shop him around for a placement faith. Yeah, I, I can't believe I just admitted that I was definitely not planning on telling you that, but I did. So I basically would send him out to people and I'd sent him out to people that fall could use him as an employee or as a consultant and, and said, I was representing him.

Obviously they didn't give the name. And I asked for a placement fee, I did this for a couple. I said, you know, you could also do sponsership and that was wrong. Nobody responded, nobody was interested. That's not how I make my money. So why am I trying to do that right? Much like the godfather. That's not how the godfather makes his money, you know, by beating someone up.

That's not how he makes money. That's him doing a favor now? I'm not suggesting you beat people up, but you get the drift. I recognize the error of my ways. And I said, you know what? I'm not going to ask for any money, I'm just going to help you. And I've been helping him for the last few weeks and it starting to look like very positive for me, because I think I'm going to be able to do a consulting project where he's, where he's going to work on it.

And so I'm getting that favor right back. All right. So that's cool. And last but not least, and then I'm almost done. Thank you, Leo. And I'm from the Bronx. So. Bronx. We're honest, whether you like it or not, but I appreciate you liking it the last and not least one is big brother K. This one is just, this is such a wonderful tool in my virtual tool belt.

Know who is opening your emails. Okay. Set a rule now, for those of you who are my clients out there who are listening to me right now? I know you're there. Please do earmarks because I really don't want you to know that I know this because it might alter your behavior. Hopefully you'll forget. We'll do like a hypnosis thing at the ends and I'll poof it out of you that had no sustained works by the way.

Okay. Just to let you know, anyway, I won't tell you how I know that I'll I'll I'll reframe big brother set a rule in your email, your CRM, or even better. Even better Mixmax. This is my bottom one email for closers. If you use Gmail, which I use, this is a Google extension that I have. It's just revolutionary.

Everything about how I communicate on email in many ways, and I'm not going to get into all the ways, but what I will tell you is, is in Mixmax and you can do this, I think in any email system, by the way, you can create a rule that says, send me an email. When someone opens up my email two or more times three time, actually it's just two times, three times, four times.

I said it to three times, then I was curious, who opened it two times. So I said it's a two times. And so every time someone opens your email two times, boom, boom. I get an email that says. Joseph opened up your email to time this email that you can even say the email, this thing is awesome. It's like totally rocks my world.

Oh. And some of Scott and put in there. Banana tag. Terrific. That's another product you can use in. Please feel free. Oh God, Jen, how sweet you were born in the Bronx. Feel free to put other tools in there to help your fellow citizens. That's a great idea. Wrapping it up. If you have your questions, put them in there because I know I didn't really answer your phone question, but I think someone else did, which is good.

Good. ZoomInfo Sarah's and other proponents info. So there's two bonuses. I want to give you for being just such a wonderful audience. And the first I'll tell you, and then while I'm telling you the first. Please put in the chat. How many of these best practices of the 10? How many of you actually do I know we started with, how many do you think, you know, now that you know, the 10, please put in the chat, how many you actually do right for Theresa?

Good. Honest for very good. I love to see this and I love the interaction. Okay. Like if you could talk, I'd let you talk Sinco. Scott's five, Haley's three Clemons for good. I love to know which ones you are using. Good. Thank you guys. 5 Joe's 5 Joel, 5 Mandy, keep 5. Good. I bet I could guess which ones you're using, but we won't play that game.

Can you tell? I love games. Okay. Because we're sales people, we love games. So the first bonus that I'm offering for you guys is $500 off our club VMSA membership. Let me just tell you what club VMSA is. It is a corporate membership, a corporate club, and we bring together the buyers and suppliers of labor. And everybody in between we meet regularly.

We have daily video chats about buyer insights that are free for members only. We have a library of 200 buyer insights. You can go into our library and search for direct sourcing diversity Veteran. IT Globalization, you know, Technology, AI, and you'll find that 80% are in fact end clients like LinkedIn, Cisco, and a variety of, I mean, you know, can you get the drift companies and you'll have some better MSPs, you'll have some that are people like you that have a lot to share and we'll ask them.

We do these live every day at 1230 Eastern till 1o'clock 30 minutes are jam packed with value. Jim Coughlin who's doing a session at the same time as mine darn it. He interviews the people and integrate so $500 off is quite a lot. Membership is $1997, almost 2000 for the year that's for your whole company.

So everyone gets access to the video chats. Everyone gets access a library of videos chats. And Selema rice, you know, she calls these and I have a cool from her. They're her lunch and learn. All right. So this stuff is really important. It helps you craft your offering. It helps you decide, is this your prospect?

And it helps you decide. Wow. Interesting. Should I partner with that company? I think they can help me in my business. I can help. It's every day. You literally can have it on it's much like this where you can't see you. Can't. Thanks, Joe. It's a great club. Cool. You can see each, they can't see you. They can't hear you.

You're just listening much like you are now, and you can ask questions and you can engage and you can be, get noticed. I will tell you this. I just remember. One of our members after three video chats that she was not a sponsor app, but just an attendee. She secured a partnership with a new company just after three.

She listened, she asked good questions. She said her name. She said her company. She types, the questions in and Jim who interviews,leaves the questions makes a comment if he knows you. Oh Colleen, she's so great. She's always at these events, she's such a good supporter. So he helps you build credibility. And then you ask, she asked your question.

So it's a very neutral way to gain credibility and insights. And so you get $500 off this corporate membership. Now, remember you all have this link and I'll put it in the chat again.

Boom. You learn more about us. You can get that $500 off, but I'm going to expire tomorrow. Now, if you need to get approval from the powers that be from the powers that be, you can ask me to extend it. And I will, because I'm a bit of a pushover. There was another admission. I feel like I'm in a therapy session and I'm sharing all my flaws, I think because I'm in a safe place.

Okay. Number one, I love these guys who run this conference. These guys are great. They have a great product. They're kicking butt with the marketing of this. This tool is amazing. You guys are amazing. But also I feel like I'm in a safe place because you're my peeps. So I think, I feel like I can share. So I just gave you a reason, but it was a good reason.

So it's okay to say stuff like that. So when you come in member, get 50% off, you're getting $500 for your whole company. The whole shebang, not just your company, 50% off.

My flaws are now my strengths. Yes, sir. Leo, I am a Leo by the way, born in August.

Is there a recording of this? Yes, Hailey. There is a recording.

I don't have it, but these guys do, and I am sure they will send it to you because they are on the ball and bananatag seems like a very good tool. A lot of people talking about that for one-on-one meeting side. Oh, good. Sherry. Thanks. But what am I meaning? She has a smile and dial split. LinkedIn engage.

God. Can I get the list emailed to me? I can't really read it. Yeah. Okay, sure. Sorry, you can't read it, Nick. It's kind of small, I guess. Let me welcome to see if I can make it bigger. It's tiny. See if I can hold up. Let's hold on. It's got 15 more minutes. Let's see if I can try to make it bigger. So I'm working.

Okay. Let's try it now. See, it's working with them. Then it gets really crazy. There you go one-on-one meetings. You know what you can do? Here's a better idea. Why don't you take a screenshot? Let me see if I can hide my video, guys. I just want to make things easier for you. I'm going to hide my video. See if it gets bigger now didn't get better.

Nope. Take a screenshot. Option command three, and then you can extend it, but you also have the link. So it's in the link. When you click the link, it'll take you to this website. Okay. The last thing before you go, almost forgot. The second bonus is a wonderful event that I've launched called Top Biller. So if you have scored, I would say.

Five or six and above on how many of these things you already do? I encourage you to apply as a panelist for Top Biller. If you scored five or below. Then, then attend. This is free for you. This is a wonderful monthly webinar. It's going to be the last Friday of every month. Starting in February, it's going to be 30 minutes, maybe 45.

We're probably 30. And it's going to be much lighter. Very full of takeaway sales tactics. We'll have two to three panelists on every month, including Jim and myself. So Jim, me, two 2-3 other people and we'll just go around and do I have a topic and we'll shoot off takeaways that you can implement and it's free.

This is totally free for you. The link is in the link, the main link I gave you, but click here. If you want to hack that directly in.

Yes, go to the website. Bethany, my marketing is my website. And if you're interested in sponsorship, I send you some more pricing on that. So if you have a little bit more money to invest, we can talk about sponsorship, but I really want to leave you with Top Biller is going to rock the Casbah. We're going to have people on these panels that are making $500,000 or more.

Some of them are making $1.4 million. Okay. This is serious. They're going to be some serious teachers here. If you like the content that I'm giving you. Thank you. I will also be on each one and it's free. So you have nothing to lose. You just click here, attend meetings. And register free. If you feel like you have something to share, you get some cool stuff in here, all the topics it's kind of small, but I'll just go to the bottom.

Here's the application. You get free training. Cause we do recruiter, training, account manager, training sales training. You get that free for the rest of the year. Okay. It's worth $4,000 a year. You get a thousand dollars credit for tickets to events and sponsorship. You get social media reputation boosts.

I like to call it. And of course, bragging rights. So thanks Sherry, Sherry Sail. I love your engagement. You are happy person. And then you're welcome here. Anytime I'm done. Unless others have questions, I'm happy to stay for the next 10, 11 minutes. Just signed up. Haley just signed up. You go girl, shout out to Haley Stoneburner making it happen. Yes, love action. She's a woman of action, woman of action.

Teresa. Thank you for being my support person. When you go to her website, you'll see it. Haley too. Thank you for your support. Okay.

Here's a question from Sophia. And I'm looking down because I'm looking at the question. Okay. Again, I gave you an excuse. Oh my goodness. I'm doing worse than you guys. When you get a friend request, you prefer to get a request with intention or asking, how are you?

Okay. I assume you mean in LinkedIn because. I'm definitely not teaching. I'm not here to teach you how to make friends on Facebook or how to like, have your time sucked out on Facebook, but maybe, maybe Sophie, if you can clarify when you get a friend. Okay, great. Thank you. Sophia. When you get a friend request, you prefer to get a request with intention or asking how are you?

Okay. So you're asking if, when I get, when someone requests from me. Okay. When, so I'm just going to answer maybe both ways when somebody requests a LinkedIn from, to me, if you are in my industry, the staffing industry, the human capital space it's usually a quick, accept I don't really care what you write.

All right. If you're outside of my industry and you're trying to sell me something, I'm a little more skeptical because I think I've got, I don't know, 17,000 connections. And I know if I hit the 30,000. Hi, Brian, absolutely promote staff leads do it. I hit 30,000. I can't like I can't invite people to, to connect.

So I'm really mindful now of who I'm I'm accepting. Now when I'm reaching out on LinkedIn, I am absolutely not. I'm absolutely not asking. How are you? In fact, I encourage you to take the word. How are you? Completely out of your vocabulary. Okay. How are we doing? Well? You know, I'll tell you how I'm doing.

I'm grateful. I'm alive. I'm grateful. My family and Jim just joined our session. I am not surprised that Jim ended his session late. Okay. I'm sorry. Early. I'm not surprised. And this such an early, he just joined. All right, Jim. Welcome to our session. I know you're here. I see. I see I'm not in, Jim has a lot, a lot more to say about this in his training.

So Jim does amazing recruiter, account manager training, and he talks about the words, how are you and how we have to take that out of our, of our repertoire. So I get right to the point in my LinkedIn. And I really cause, cause there's only when you see the preview, you only see a little bit, I say the person's name, comma for me, I'm asking if they want to attend an event.

So, all right. I know usually make it kind of a tease. I'll say. Farmers are hosting a diversity enterprise meetup on February 11th, diversity in the workforce meetup on February 11th, connect for a free ticket connect for a discount. I'll try and make it brief, but I'll give it a T so that they can act otherwise.

If I give them everything, why connect with me? And then they go into my funnel, which is a whole another. Fall wax of the funnels, a whole another training session. So LOL, thank you, Sherry. I like you. All right guys. I'm still here. I'm going to stay to seven more minutes. Ask me questions, check out this awesome website that I literally just whipped up.

I just created this 20 minutes before three o'clock. So that would be 2:40. For those of you good. In math, I literally spent 20 minutes on this and I think doing things like this is really cool because it's different, you know, you stand out, right. I mean, how many people shared their website that was custom made just for you?

I'll tell you. 0

Mike Meyer signed up Mike Myers. I am absolutely not taking that low hanging fruit. Okay. But I love your name. I know everything associated with your name. Okay. I'll just leave it at that. You're welcome. You're welcome. This is so fun. I love doing this. You guys have been a great audience. I just, this is amazing.

Jim is.just the funniest and I'm, I'm so sorry you missed his session. Hey Jim. Maybe what we should do for these fine folks is do a special session for them of the session you just said, although they get the recording, right. So they can just watch it. If you want us to do another special session, special set, it sounds like special ed.

Then just send me an email. You guys it's on my website. It's down here all the way down. It's right here. I'm accepting your connections. Just connect with me. You don't need to write a special thing. Don't waste your time on me. Spend your time on your prospects. I would attend. Okay. Good.

Okay. Sherry is attending Jim. Mary's attending. Brian joined late, but that's okay. Brian, I still love you, Joel. Great job. Yes, it is. These are what my kids are doing. I want to show you something, Melissa, this is what I want to show you what my kids are doing ready. I'll say, you know, cause I'm signing them all for these trial dance classes because these kids need to move around.

All right. Cause they've just like sitting there at their desks. I'll say, how is that LA class and my five-year goals.

Because I, with your kids, they're going to like that. Okay. You Rickie I love your name. Great job. J Nye and join late. I will attend. All right. So those of you who want us to do something special, send me an email because I'm not sure. Okay. Jan he's kicking me out five minutes, head over to the stage we're going live.

Okay. So.

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