Turning hype into value: How to set and execute a successful AI strategy


The Session  explores the different categories of staffing AI, with a focus on generative AI, and provides insights on how to design an effective AI strategy.

Key Insights

Generative AI is the most hyped category of staffing AI, providing easy access and interpretation of data for recruiters. It allows recruiters to become data analysts and extract valuable insights.

The enthusiasm for AI in staffing is high, with many organizations planning to roll out AI-driven solutions. However, the majority are still in the experimental phase, indicating that there is still a lot to learn and discover.

It is crucial to design an effective AI strategy before implementing the technology. Starting with understanding the problem, analyzing data, removing low-value activities, and optimizing processes will lead to better outcomes.

The value of generative AI will take time to fully realize, as it is currently at the peak of inflated expectations. Organizations should not panic or feel behind, as the technology will eventually reach the plateau of productivity in 5 to 10 years.

AI should not aim to replace recruiters but to empower them to be more effective. The focus should be on equipping recruiters with tools that improve performance and efficiency, rather than replacing their roles.


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