Client experience: The key to future success for your staffing business

In a world where digital natives are taking over the buyer seat at your client and online staffing providers are on the rise, it’s time to get ahead of the curve and future proof your client experience strategy.  To stay competitive in the coming decade, you’ll need to keep the following 3 trends in mind.

Trend #1: The generational shift

41 million baby boomers are expected to leave the workforce by 2030. Leaving the space for millennials to take over.

*According to Zapier Data Reports

Digital natives aren't just future business leaders – they are already running the show as decision-makers and have high expectations about the kinds of services staffing firms offer.

of 62% of millennials are already managers.

In fact, more than 60% of millennials now have direct reports, allowing them to drive real cultural and operational change within their roles.

*According to Zapier Data Reports

Nearly 86% of millennials were digital buyers in 2020, and expect workplace buying processes to be as seamless as ordering groceries on Instacart, booking a trip on Airbnb, hailing an Uber.

*According to Insider Intelligence

Trend #2: The growing competitive landscape

Online Staffing platforms are on the rise and setting new standards for client experience, that not only competes for your candidates but also your clients.

In every staffing and recruitment vertical you will find a new breed of providers that differ vastly from their incumbent counterparts when it comes to providing an excellent client experience.

Today’s online staffing businesses offer a wide range of premium features, including seamless digital interfaces, simple and intuitive onboarding processes, close collaboration during the candidate selection stage, and automated, personalized candidate re-engagement tools.

Trend #3: The digital transformation

Digital transformation evolved from an abstract buzzword to a critical and accelerating fact for the staffing industry.

Digital transformation adoption has absolutely exploded over the last two years. The latest GRID Report from Bullhorn shows that industry-wide adoption increased 95 percent from last year, an incredible 236 percent from two years ago, when just 25 percent of firms reported the use of a digital transformation strategy or plan.





*Does Your Agency Have a Digital Transformation Strategy or Plan in Place?

“Ultimately, the staffing and recruiting firms that will win in this new world of work are those that invest in developing and maintaining a digital, modern and future-focused client experience.”

Patrick Jamal

Jan Jedlinski

CEO & Co-Founder of

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