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Look how Maverick Technology Partners uses to make candidate submission their competitive advantage.

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“Talent is very scarce and we needed something to differentiate ourselves. Hence, we saw and how it integrated with Bullhorn and decided to give it a try. We now see when our clients looked at the candidates, and they can quickly get back to us about what they think and even move them along in the process. It’s been a great experience”.

Sally Sweeney

Sr. IT Recruiting Manager

Maverick Technology Partners

use case

Candidate submissions


Information Technology

COmpany size

20 employees

About the client

Maverick Technology Partners is a leading recruiting firm focused on sourcing candidates for offshore and onshore IT positions. Their unique and bespoke approach sets them apart in a highly competitive marketplace. They provide individualized and tailored services to their clients, reflecting their commitment to excellence.

The challenges

One of the primary challenges faced by Maverick Technology Partners before using was maintaining efficient and streamlined communication with clients. Their goal was to provide a continuous flow of information from the recruitment process to the clients. They also aimed to differentiate their services from their competitors by offering more direct and instant contact capabilities with their clients following candidate presentations.

The solution

The team found a solution in, a software that seamlessly integrates into their existing Bullhorn platform. The primary purpose of is to introduce candidates to clients without the need for leaving their ATS or using additional tools. provides a complete candidate profile at the client's fingertips, enabling efficient decision-making without the hassle of juggling multiple emails.

The results

Implementing had a significant positive impact on Maverick Technology Partners. It streamlined their work process, improving overall efficiency. Clients responded favorably to the platform, appreciating the inclusion of all necessary parties in the hiring process. A significant feature was the ability to see when and if the client looked at the candidates, providing invaluable insight into their interest and sense of urgency. This allowed the team at Maverick Technology Partners to act faster and smarter.

What features do you specifically like? was highly appreciated for its seamless integration with Bullhorn, ensuring no disruption to the current workflow. The dashboard provided a list of candidates sent to the client, along with respective notes for each, and allowed for tracking of client activity. These features significantly improved the efficiency of the operation while providing essential insights into client interactions.

About the implementation

The implementation and setup of into the existing workflow was smooth and trouble-free. The easy-to-use interface and readily available customer support made for a straightforward transition. The process did not disrupt their work; instead, it complemented and enhanced their existing operations, leading to increased productivity.

How did your employees & client adopt to

The adoption of by both employees and clients was swift and smooth. The team appreciated the seamless transition due to its integration with Bullhorn. The easy-to-use interface of also meant that it did not introduce an abrupt change for clients, making it easier for them to adapt to the use of the portal.

Next steps in the future

As the company looks towards the future, leadership has emphasized the need to incorporate video capabilities into This interest stems from the rapid shift towards video-based engagement in the recruitment process. Integrating a feature that allows for video presentations within the platform, without having to switch to a different platform, would significantly enhance their service delivery.