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“We’ve had really positive outcomes from it. It has helped our conversion improve. With, we’re winning more business because clients whom we’ve introduced the platform to, prefer that so much more than using a standard CV submission process that they’re giving us the priority to work on vacancies over other agencies, so that’s been a massive upside for us”.

Matthew Banbury

Recruitment Operations Director

Pioneer Selection Ltd

use case

Candidate submissions


Engineering & Manufacturing

COmpany size

50 employees

About the client

Pioneer Selection is the UK's leading Technical Engineering recruitment company. Our original vision was to become the UK's leading agency in this field, and we have achieved this by building a strong reputation for excellent service and high levels of integrity.

We understand that whether you are a candidate or a client, it's important to treat each individual with respect and honesty. Our commitment to people development means we recruit and develop the very best, which allows us to continually sharpen our competitive advantages and provide a holistic recruitment solution.

The challenges

The company had been searching for a client portal for around five years. Traditional CV delivery methods were outdated and cumbersome. The Pioneer Selection team and their clients found it difficult to manage their recruitment needs using this method, particularly when juggling multiple vacancies across different locations. Furthermore, the absence of a polished and user-friendly candidate portal hindered the overall client experience.

The solution

Pioneer Selection selected for revamping their recruitment process. is a client portal that moves away from the old-school method of presenting candidates to clients via multiple email threads. It enables recruiters to manage all their vacancies, candidates, and CVs in one place, simplifying the process significantly.

The results

The implementation of brought several benefits to Pioneer Selection. Firstly, the platform's polished and professional look impressed clients and reflected positively on the company. The tool also provided an overview of candidate reviews, rejections, and interview invitations at the click of a button. It even alerts consultants when a client is reviewing a CV, enabling real-time conversations that increased CV conversion rates.

What features do you specifically like?

Two standout features were highlighted. The first is the ability to automate the process of submitting and tracking CVs. The platform sends notifications to clients when a new candidate is added, nudging them along in the recruitment process. This has led to better conversion rates and increased feedback.

The second feature is the creation of online talent pools for marketing lists. Pioneer Selection can share curated, anonymous candidate lists with clients and prospects, thereby enhancing the company's business development and marketing efforts.

About the implementation

Pioneer Selection had a positive onboarding experience with, even as early adopters. They praised the customer support team for their willingness to address all issues and feedback, and implement feature requests. The system's evolution over time has also led to continuous improvement in its service.

How did your employees & client adopt to

Although some less tech-savvy clients initially resisted, most responded positively once they embraced the new system. Internal team members also found the tool invaluable for keeping track of CVs and avoiding duplicate conversations with multiple points of contact.

Next steps in the future

Looking to the future, Pioneer Selection will continue to leverage the capabilities of to optimize their recruitment process and increase their business. They plan to take full advantage of the platform's automation and marketing list features, and remain open to integrating new features as they become available.