How to Turn Your Talent Community into Your Competitive Advantage


The panel discusses how to turn your talent community into a competitive advantage. It features insights from staffing industry experts and showcases the success of Integrity Staffing Solutions and Cell Staff in building and leveraging their talent communities. The script emphasizes the importance of technology, referral culture, brand elevation, trust and transparency, and nurturing candidates in driving referrals and overall growth.

Key Insight

Building a talent community gives staffing agencies a unique advantage by accessing passive talent and differentiating services from competitors.

Referral programs are an effective way to engage the talent community and drive high-quality candidate referrals.

Transparency and trust are crucial in building a strong talent community, and technology can help automate processes and provide real-time updates.

Elevating your brand and making sharing easy can create referable moments that drive more referrals and enhance the candidate experience.

Nurturing candidates through automation and technology can increase redeployment rates and drive more referrals and reviews.

Integrity Staffing Solutions has achieved $1.9 million in gross margin from referrals, with 13,000 ambassadors and over 2,400 placements.

Cell Staff has achieved $400,000 in gross margin from referrals, with 1,000 ambassadors and 900 candidate referrals.


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