Maximizing the ROI on your reviews, recruiters, & referrals (ROR)


The Session explores the benefits and implementation of the Great Recruiters platform for improving online reputation, collecting real-time feedback, and increasing referrals for staffing firms. Three customers share their experiences and highlight the positive impact of the platform on their organizations.

Key Insights

The implementation of Great Recruiters requires buy-in from leadership and a culture of feedback and continuous improvement.

Real-time feedback helps recruiters make immediate adjustments and provide better experiences for candidates and clients.

Positive reviews and referrals have a significant impact on a recruiter's reputation and success.

Great Recruiters is a tool for improving not only recruiter performance but also the overall candidate experience and brand reputation.

The platform's integration with Bullhorn makes it easy to automate the review collection process and track results.

The ROI of Great Recruiters extends beyond monetary metrics and includes factors such as improved brand perception and long-term client relationships.

The platform's features, such as job postings tied to recruiter profiles, enhance visibility and attract more candidates.


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