Measurable Growth: Coordinated Lead Generation for 2024


The Session discusses the importance of preparation, execution, and strategic delivery in coordinated lead generation campaigns for staffing firms. It also emphasizes the need for training, setting realistic expectations, and creating relevant offers to engage customers effectively.

Key Insights

Preparation is crucial for lead generation campaigns. This includes building a curated list, setting realistic expectations, and training teams on follow-up processes. Without proper preparation, results will suffer

Execution requires coordination, clear expectations, and a focus on relevant messaging. Timing is also key, as campaigns must align with the audience's needs and the right moment to reach out.

Capabilities should not be a hindrance, as technology and resources are readily available. Staffing firms should leverage these tools to enhance their lead generation efforts and overcome any limitations.

Training is essential for sales and marketing teams to effectively follow up on leads. Providing them with the right tools, messaging, and knowledge will improve their success rate and build trust with potential clients.

Offers should be tailored to the target audience's needs and concerns. Understanding their struggles and providing valuable insights or solutions will set your company apart from competitors.

Asset-driven offers like salary guides and non-asset offers like strategic engagements can both be effective in lead generation campaigns. The choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the target audience.

Thought leadership and addressing customer concerns are key strategies for success. By providing relevant and valuable information, staffing firms can establish credibility, trust, and become a go-to partner for their clients.


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