Measure the Quality of your Talent and Differentiate the Value you Bring to your Customers.


In this session experts discuss challenges in evaluating talent in the staffing industry and how automated reference checking with Refer can improve the quality of information provided to clients.

Key Insights

Automated reference checking tools like Refassured have revolutionized the staffing industry by providing unbiased assessments and standardized questions, saving time and improving the quality of information provided to clients.

Personal interactions and high-touch approaches to evaluating talent are still valued in the industry, but tools like Refassured enhance the process by providing consistent, timestamped, and validated references, ensuring compliance and accuracy. 

Compliance and certifications are crucial in certain industries like healthcare, and having a robust reference checking system like Refassured can help organizations meet the rigorous standards required for certifications such as the Joint Commission. 

Differentiating services and talent in a crowded market is more important than ever, and automated reference checking with Refassured can be a game-changer by providing compelling and helpful information directly from references, helping agencies stand out from competitors. 


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